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Sessions by Audience

Directions North America is four days packed with content, learning, and inspiration delivered by your peers, Microsoft MVPs, and Microsoft team members. With over 130 sessions to choose from, including townhalls and General Sessions with Microsoft leadership, you can’t afford to miss it.

Below are some of the planned sessions by Audience. Note that sessions are subject to change. More partner and Microsoft presented sessions will be published here, so please stay tuned!

Audience: Consulting

Audience Title
Consulting Fundamentals of the Business Central UI and page design
Consulting New tools for Consultants ( Customize without Code )
Consulting What's New in the Modern Clients
Consulting Web Client: the Grand Tour for Windows Client users
Consulting Adapting On-Premise solutions to the Cloud
Consulting Backup and Data Import/Export
Consulting The Cybersecurity Landscape
Consulting What's new in server and database
Consulting What’s new in Reporting
Consulting Business Central Service Fundamentals
Consulting Upgrading your customers data 
Consulting Setting Up and Configuring Demo Environments
Consulting Going From 0 to 60 in the Warehouse Without Blowing the Engine         
Consulting Unleashing Hidden ROI for Your Customer with Account Schedules       
Consulting 50 Dynamics 365 BC Security Tips in 50 Minutes

Audience: New to Business Central

Audience Title
New to BC Fabulous Yet Functional Finance Features in Real Life
New to BC Accounts Payable Setup Options
New to BC Light Manufacturing in Business Central
New to BC GP to BC What and Where
New to BC Intro to MRP within Business Central
New to BC Transitioning from Dynamics GP to D365 Business Central
New to BC Why Use CE or When  Relationship Management is built right in?
New to BC Real World Uses for the Business Central APIs for the Non-Developer!
New to BC Dynamics 365 BC Manufacturing primer (Consultants/Sales Track)
New to BC Introduction to Sales

Audience: Power Platform

Audience Title
Power Platform Business Central and Power Platform
Power Platform Better together with Office 365
Power Platform Power Platform in a Day Workshop
Power Platform Power Query in Power BI

Audience: Leadership

Audience Title
Leadership What's new in Microsoft AppSource?  Getting the most out of new investments
Leadership Partner Profitability Benchmark Study 2020
Leadership Investing in a Microsoft PowerPlatform practice; From the Ground Up
Leadership User Adoption: Embrace It or Fail      
Leadership Roadmap to transforming your partnerships 
Leadership Delivering what you clients demand in a fast evolving world.
Leadership What is REAL Vertical focus?
Leadership Disrupting Your Business Model with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
Leadership How much is your company worth today?
Leadership Want to Expand into new geography’s or lines of business?
Leadership Recurring Revenues: How to do projects as a service and why!
Leadership The continuing adventures of a Fixed Fee partner,  the success of our Fixed Fee model
Leadership Seven Tips for Launching Your CRM Practice the Right Way
Leadership Without a Brand, You’re Just Like Everyone Else: Building Your BrandDNA and Standing Out
Leadership Partner Scorecard: How does your Business Measure up?

Audience: Sales & Marketing

Audience Title
Sales & Marketing Pricing and Licensing update
Sales & Marketing Driving Dynamics 365 Sales to the O365 Customers
Sales & Marketing Beyond CRM: Empower sales organizations with the latest innovation in Dynamics 365 Sales and Sales Insights
Sales & Marketing Online demo tools – Get prospects to “Self-Sell”
Sales & Marketing Leverage Demo Tools and Presales Resources to Align with Sales Cycles
Sales & Marketing Amplify Your Brand to Stand Out (on AppSource or in the Channel)
Sales & Marketing Easy Steps to Building A Content Strategy to Drive Business
Sales & Marketing Move from Tactical to Strategic in your Relationship with Microsoft
Sales & Marketing D365 Sales + Business Central - Yes Of Course
Sales & Marketing How to sell IP in the cloud... and stay profitable!
Sales & Marketing Top 10 Selling Points of Dynamics BC
Sales & Marketing Learn the Steps to Creating an eBook that Engages Your Audience 
Sales & Marketing Marketing Panel (What is working, trends, Tips, and Tools)
Sales & Marketing Dynamics 365 Business Central: the QuickBooks opportunity
Sales & Marketing TOFU, MOFU and BOFU: Turning Acronyms into Leads
Sales & Marketing Competitor Solution Review (Where and how to win)

Audience: Technical

Audience Title
Technical What's New in the Modern Clients for Developers - new and old tricks
Technical Authentication/Authorization/Permissions/Entitlements
Technical Managing access to Business Central environments 
Technical Manage your AppSource apps using API
Technical Interfaces and Extensibility - Writing extensible and change resilient code
Technical Docker demystified
Technical Developing Apps for AppSource Part I
Technical Developing Apps for AppSource Part II
Technical Developing Apps for AppSource Part III
Technical Dynamics 365 Business Central and Common Data Service Integration Overview
Technical Extending Dynamics 365 Business Central integration to Common Data Service
Technical Dynamics 365 Business Central and Common Data Service Integration Townhall
Technical What's New in the Application
Technical Collaborating on the application through GitHub
Technical Running .NET in the cloud - creating wrappers in the System Application
Technical Multithreading/Asynchronous Programming in AL
Technical Coding for performance
Technical Partner Telemetry in Azure AppInsights Deep Dive
Technical Automated Testing in AL
Technical App Source Validation and Lifecycle
Technical App Source Validation & Lifecycle Q&A
Technical Visual Studio Code and AL language
Technical Going from Developing in C/SIDE to VS Code
Technical What is new in VS Code and AL
Technical Refactoring - Taking your AL code from good to great
Technical Master development with dimensions
Technical Get the most out of VScode and Git
Technical Debugging in AL - useful tricks
Technical Telemetry – why is it worth to think of it?
Technical Introduction to working with Azure Blob Storage with BC
Technical Best Practices for Azure DevOps
Technical Self Monitization for apps
Technical The Why and What of Programming