DAX 101

Date: Wednesday, April 28, 2021 | From: 13:00:00 to 13:55:00 | Room: NASHVILLE

In this FAST-PACED session, you'll learn the basics of the DAX language, the modeling language of Power BI. Belinda will introduce you to the concept of calculated columns, measures, and basic data modeling, with some practical examples. This introduction will cover basic calculations and an overview of scalar and table functions. This session has practical examples of business analytics and users. To the Developer, DAX feels like a programming language; to the user, DAX feels like Excel formulas.
1. Define DAX and understand where it fits and why it is important
2. Perform and Review some basic DAX commands
3. Differentiate modeling with DAX versus the Power BI Query Editor
4. Build a Date Table to allow for the use of Time Intelligence DAX calculations
5. Overview of CALCULATE in DAX functions and DAX Groups


Belinda Allen

Belinda Allen