Queue Associates: Job Cost Allocations for Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC Project Management

Date: Wednesday, April 28, 2021 | From: 16:45:00 to 17:00:00 | Room: NASHVILLE

The Business Central Job Module facilitates job posting groups at the project or task levels. This forces all charges within a task to debit and credit the same general ledger accounts when the WIP process is run, regardless of the type of charge (labor, expense report expenses, subcontractor expenses). This enhancement enables having job posting groups at the planning line level with a separate WIP process that runs against each planning line as opposed to against each task.

This will facilitate the allocation of expenses to multiple accounts and enable the following:
1. Resource level field for default job posting group
2. Item level field for default job posting group
3. Planning line level field for job posting group
4. Trigger on planning line to assign default job posting group as it is created
5. A Separate WIP process that does what the regular WIP process, but calculates and runs it against each job planning line
6. Ability to post WIP from the custom WIP process to the general ledger
7. Ability to reverse WIP on the project and on the general ledger


Raymond Gnall

Raymond Gnall

CPA - Queue Associates