Unleashing Hidden ROI for Your Customer with Account Schedules

Date: Tuesday, April 27, 2021 | From: 16:30:00 to 17:25:00 | Room: SAN DIEGO

Your customer's finance team often has a lot of questions to answer when telling the story of the financial performance of the company. Would you like to wow them and create instant ROI? Teach them to use account schedules as a powerful real-time research tool, as a way to create operating reports in addition to financial reports, and even leverage dimensions to produce robust reports that get into the detail in ways they never thought were possible! We will even show you the secret sauce to convincing your customers account schedules are the be-all solution for their financials by efficiently producing account schedules into Excel, no more dumping the trial balance and reformatting! You'll discover how to go beyond the basics of account schedule design, learn how to create the most-requested views customers want for reports, understand how to leverage dimensions in multiple ways to add depth to financial reporting, and how to create efficient Excel shells to easily do a simple refresh of the numbers each month.


Kerry Peters

Kerry Peters

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