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Sessions by Learning Paths

Directions North America is three days packed with content, learning, and inspiration delivered by your peers, Microsoft MVPs, and Microsoft team members. With over 130 sessions to choose from, including townhalls and General Sessions with Microsoft leadership like Marko Perisic, you can’t afford to miss it.

Below are some of the planned sessions by Learning Path. Note that sessions are subject to change. More partner and Microsoft presented sessions will be published here, so please stay tuned!

Learning Path: Bundling a Solution Offering

Audience Title
  A Q&A on app development
  A Q&A on the reselling journey
  A strategic Q & A with Marko Perisic and Toby Bowers
  A strategic Q & A with Marko Perisic and Toby Bowers
  Application lifecycle management for embed Apps
Consultants; Developers D365 Business Central + D365 Customer Engagement= A Strategic Weapon
  Developing a testdrive experiences in Microsoft AppSource
  Developing add-on apps
  Developing connected Apps, Hands-on
Consultants; Developers Documentation and Testing requirements
  Extending and customizing the user assistance
  Microsoft AppSource, a general overview
  Saasification development, best practices
  Self-monetizating your apps
  The partner Opportunity - An overview
  Using Microsoft Flow in your solution


Learning Path: Improving Your Professional Services

Audience Title
  An agile development process
  Clean coding for Apps, hands-on
Consultants; Leadership Consultant 2.0 - How Support is taking a leading role in driving product supportability.  
Consultants; Project Managers Consultant super powers – quick wins for quick credibility
Leadership Developing a Viable Professional Services Offering  within Dynamics 365 Business Central
  Docker based demo environments on Azure VMs
Consultants; Sales Dynamics 365 Professional Services versus Field Services.  When to leverage D365 Field Service
  Great demos, hands-on
  Hardening the service
Consultants How to Successfully upgrade a heavily customized solution to Dynamics NAV / Business Central
Developers How to transition your development team to AL
  How we run our SAAS service
Consultants; Developers Improve Development, testing, and Client roll-outs by utlizing Docker
Developers Learn how to use the Ref data type in NAV and Business Central
Developers Maintaining IP in C/AL and in AL while keeping everything up to date
  Making Visual Studio code even more powerful, Hands-on
Consultants Manufacturing Gottcha’s and Pitfalls session
Consultants; Developers Microsoft Flow and how to use it
  PANEL - Manufacturing best practices round table.  Ask the Experts
  Source code management
Consultants; Sales State of the USER perspective
  Test automation
  Test automation, Hands-on
Consultants; Developers; Leadership; Marketing; Project Managers; Sales The "Ready to Go" program
Leadership; Project Managers The Effective Manager
Consultants The Training Gap: How to Bridge it
Consultants; Leadership; Project Managers Triage 101 -What can you do with limited staff and multiple projects-- lessons from the field
Developers Using New Variable Types in Dynamics NAV 2018/365BC Instead of .NET Interop
Consultants; Developers Webservices For People That Don’t Code, But Do Other Things Good


Learning Path: Latest Innovations

Audience Title
  A Q&A on App Functionality
  A Q&A on Intelligent edge
  A Q&A on Office 365 integration
  A Q&A on Pricing & Licensing
  A Q&A on the platform & SAAS Service
Developers Add some magic to NAV with Machine Learning and Cognitive services
  Business Central for power users
  Designing application pages for a great user experience, Hands-on
  Dynamics 365 for Sales integration
  Embedded in Office 365
  Improving the first experience with the product  
  Intelligent Edge; setup Business Central on prem to utilize the Intelligent Cloud
  Intelligent Edge; setup Dynamics GP and Dynamics SL to utilize the Intelligent Cloud
  Managing performance in the service
  Microsoft Invoicing
  Optics and analytics for running modern SaaS businesses
  The future of Business Central companion apps
  Transforming Business Central with Artificial Intelligence
  Upgrading code
  Using barcodes in your app
  Using Power BI in your solutions, Hands-on
  Using PowerApps & Microsoft flow, Hands-on
  Using PowerApps in your solution
  What's new in Business Central - Fall release
  What's New in the client world?
  What's new with NAV or Business Central on Docker


Learning Path: Marketing & Sales

Audience Title
Marketing 10 Quick Steps to get you started with Social Selling & stepping up your revenue
  Business Central Pricing & Licensing
Sales Change your sales approach and revamp your sales team to the new marketplace
  Effective sales and demo tools
Leadership; Sales Future Forecast: What do the Next Five Years Hold for Microsoft Dynamics Partners?  
Marketing; Sales Increasing your demonstration winning ratio, a proven method to increase your revenue & profitability
Leadership; Marketing; Sales Leveraging Microsoft to Reduce your sales cycle with D365 Business Central
  Marketing and technical validation for AppSource apps - best practices
Marketing; Sales Marketing Your Vertical to WOW Hearts and Minds
  Monetize your apps through Microsoft sales channels
Sales Re-Engineering the Role of the Sales professional Inside Dynamics 365 Business Central
Sales So You're New to D365 Business Central?
Consultants; Marketing; Sales Toughen up Buttercup: Sell more Business Central by leading with Integration
Sales Transforming your sales force from being product-led to services-led
  WOWing in your demo of Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV


Learning Path: Migrating Your Existing Offering

Audience Title
Consultants 10 things you need to know about Dynamics 365 Business Central
  App design for extensibility
Consultants; Leadership; Sales BC Eye for the GP Guy - Episode 1: Getting to know you
Consultants BC Eye for the GP Guy - Episode 2: Old habits die hard
  Control Addins development using AL Language
  Developing Azure functions, Hands-on
  Developing Azure integration scenarios
Developers; Leadership Evaluating if your IP should be on App Source and How to monetize your IP into profit.  
Leadership; Sales How-to transitioning Customers to Dynamics 365 Business Central
  Migrating C/AL to AL
Leadership Migrating your existing GP offering to Dynamics 365 Business Central
Developers Moving old code to Business Central
Consultants; Leadership Re-Engineering the Role of Professional Services Inside Dynamics 365 Business Central
Leadership The incumbent’s playbook for launching a vertical SaaS product.  
Leadership; Sales Tranforming a Dynamics GP practice to Dynamics 365 Business Central


Learning Path: New to Dynamics 365

Audience Title
  An SL consultants view on delivering Business Central
  BC Eye for the GP Guy - Episode 1: Getting to know you
  BC Eye for the GP Guy - Episode 2: Old habits die hard
  BC Eye for the GP Guy - Episode 3: A productive member of society
  Developing  Localization Apps
Developers; Project Managers Dynamics NAV and Source Control for Beginners: Let’s Pull This Off
Consultants Finance 101 - understanding Financials  
Consultants Functional Finance Features in Real Life
  Getting started with Extensions 2.0, Hands-on
  How to add a Dynamics 365 practice next to your on-prem practice
Consultants Job and Service – Why would I use this?
Consultants Manufacturing 101 - understanding manufacturing
  Microsoft AppSource, consultancy services
  Migrating customers data from Dynamics GP or Dynamics SL to Business Central
  Provisioning and setting up tenants in the reselling journey
  The app developer journey
  The evolution of security, privacy and compliance
  The GDPR framework
  The reselling developer journey
  Tools available to migrate customer data
Leadership; Sales Understanding Extension from  Leadership / Sales Perspective - What does this mean and how does this apply
  Upgrading customers to the cloud