Making Visual Studio code even more powerful, Hands-on

Date: Tuesday, October 2, 2018| From: 8:00 AM to 9:45 AM | Room: Conference 3A + 3B

In this hands-on workshop, you will experience ways to make your development tool "Visual Studio Code" more efficient to code Apps, by learning how to work with snippets, experiencing how to extend the functionality of VSCode, and much more... Note: This two hour workshop requires your active participation. You will have to bring your laptop - we will ensure you have a training environment with everything you need.


Name: Eric Wauters

Company name: Cloud Ready Software & iFacto

Job title: CTO

Bio: Eric (waldo) is one of the founding partners of iFacto Business Solutions and Cloud Ready Software. With his 18 years of technical expertise, he is an everyday inspiration to its development teams. As development manager he continually acts upon the technical readiness of iFacto and CRS. Apart from that, Eric is also very active in NAV community, where he tries to solve technical issues and shares his knowledge with other Dynamics enthusiasts. Surely, a lot amongst you will have read some of Eric’s posts, which he invariably signs with “waldo”. Lots of people have been using and even contributing to tools waldo shares for free on github. His proven track record entitled him to be awarded since 2007 as MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional).

Name: Stanislaw Stempin

Company name: Microsoft

Job title: Principal Software Engineering Manager

Bio: Stanislaw Stempin is a Principal Engineering Manager for the Dynamics 365 Business Central Modern Developer Experience team. He is leading the team responsible for the new development environment including the new compiler and Visual Studio Code integration. Stanislaw joined Microsoft in 2007 working on Dynamics AX in Supply Chain Management, Inventory Costing and Cost Accounting areas. Prior to Microsoft he worked as a software engineer creating hospital management and medical imaging software. He holds an MSc degree in Computer Science with specialization in Distributed Systems from Poznan University of Technology, Poland.