Married with Systems- you can’t have one without the other

Date: Tuesday, May 7, 2019| From: 5:15 PM to 6:15 PM | Room: Charleston F

A CRM is not a CRM unless it is integrated to your ERP. Period. Every company wants to look increase sales and keep their customers happy. This is a great starting topic to discuss selling ERP and CRM together. Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, Business Central Relationship Management, or another CRM system is only half baked unless it is integrated, with Business Central. We'll first take a look at the value and opportunity available through integration, with specific examples of the benefits your finance and sales teams can glean with the full picture of your customers. We'll discuss how you can push their data throughout their organization for enhanced service and insights from a single view. Then we'll take a look at approaches for integrating their systems and how to sell this vision to the rest of their organization.


Name: Chris Dew

Company name: eOne Solutions

Job title: Director of Product Development

Bio: Straight from the mean streets of Horace, ND, USA - Chris is a Data Integration Architect specializing in CRM, ERP and REST of the world integrations. As a connoisseur of integration and reporting over the last 20+ years, there is no data that Chris can't "have his way with". When he isn't busy driving forward SmartConnect to make integration easier you can probably find him hanging out with his family or building Blue Man Group instruments. What ever you do, don’t ask him about frisbee (disc) golf.

Name: Martin Olsen

Company name: eOne Solutions

Job title: Owner

Bio: I was a bad accountant who took a job on a GP helpdesk. 20 years later I owns and operate eOne Solutions, with customers using 20,000 of their modules. I'm passionate about integration. SmartConnect is now a leading Integration solution for D365 Business Central, NAV, CRM, GP, Dynamics 365 and many cloud software solutions. With businesses turning more and more to 'best of breed' cloud applications, integration is more important than ever to keep your business efficient.