The Developer 400 - V2 Extensions part 2 (Extension Dependencies and avoidable pitfalls)

Date: Monday, May 6, 2019| From: 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM | Room: Charleston F

Microsoft advise that your Extensions are as small as possible but how can you do that without ending up with lots of dependencies that cause you a total headache?  How can you create a logical structure that you can maintain and update without lots of uninstalls and reinstalls? How can you update or use functionality from another extension without defining a dependency that means you always must always install both? How do you manage different extensions subscribing to the same event and make sure the logic happens in the right order? 


Name: James Crowter

Company name: Technology Management

Job title: Managing Director

Bio: James has been the CEO of one of the UK leading Dynamics partners for over twenty years. Growing the business over 125 people specializing in manufacturing and distribution verticals he has a wealth of experience of both the technology and commercials. Recently James has lead the formation of a new Clever Dynamics ISV which already has nine solutions available in AppSource. A Microsoft MVP for Business Central since 2015 he's a familiar figure in the Dynamics community and is passionate about making technology benefit business for the small and mid-market sectors.