Create a successful user adoption experience in your Microsoft Dynamics projects

Date: Wednesday, May 8, 2019| From: 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM | Room: Veranda C

Complete user adoption in the Dynamics world is increasing in priority and value. As our business models transition from perpetual to subscription based licensing, partners are required to build new skill-sets for constantly monitoring and accelerating the adoption of technology a their clients. In this session we will focus on why user adoption is difficult, how to mitigate the difficulties in creating and executing a successful user adoption program for clients, how to convince clients that user adoption is a payable service. We will look at examples of successful user adoption and zoom in some of the attributes of projects, that created successful user adoption.


Name: Joachim Schiermacher

Company name: ClickLearn

Job title: CEO

Bio: Co-founder and CEO of ClickLearn with a vast experience in IT and management. A firm believer that user adoption and change management is the key factor to a successful and optimal use of IT business systems. Making ClickLearn a cutting edge software and market leading e-learning authoring solution for business systems.