Dynamics NAV and Source Control for Beginners: Let’s Pull This Off

Date: Wednesday, October 3, 2018| From: 9:45 AM to 10:45 AM | Room: Nautilus 3

Code source control is something that is still very alien to most of Dynamics NAV/365 developers. People working with the product since it was called Navision are used to having their own development databases locally and changes being passed around as binary fob files. Some partners did use central development databases or even had in-house solutions for change management and version control, but these were always limited by the classic development environment itself. Enter Visual Studio Code as a development environment. In here, Git source control is a first class citizen, built into IDE itself. With this, you no longer have an excuse to not use source control. You might have already seen one or more presentations on using source control with Dynamics NAV. What we would like to do with this session, is to take a step back and introduce it to NAV developers who are new to this and have no idea what pull/merge/push/commit means. We will cover: 1. The basic terms: repository, branch, commit 2. Choosing where to host your repositories 3. Setting up source control 4. Source control actions: pull, push, fetch, merge 5. Using source control in your Dynamics NAV/365 development workflow


Name: Vytenis Jakas

Company name: B3 Technologies

Job title: Managing Partner

Bio: Vytenis is the Managing Partner and Founder of B3 technologies, a company dedicated to providing professional Dynamics NAV upgrade and development outsourcing services. He is an IT professional and enthusiast with over 20 years of industry experience with ERP solutions. During his lengthy tenure with Microsoft Dynamics NAV products Vytenis has worked in various roles, starting from consultant/developer moving on to the team & product management. Last, but not least, he has spent a considerable amount of time delivering Dynamics NAV trainings and is a Microsoft Certified Trainer. Despite company management taking a big share of his time nowadays, Vytenis still devotes time to project deliveries and gets involved in the technical side of things on a regular basis, as a project manager, architect and technology evangelist.