Hands on Workshop: DevOps

Date: Monday, May 6, 2019| From: 10:15 AM to 3:15 PM | Room: Charleston D

Knowing all about Visual Studio Code AL may make you a great developer, but it doesn’t turn your dev team into the lean mean working machine that you will need to be to become efficient and to be able to collaborate in a structured, successful, joyful and inspired way. Azure DevOps provides you with all the tooling you need to set up a modern, collaborative development environment which assures quality, continuous integration and continuous delivery across the whole chain of source code management. Join this workshop to get a hands-on experience of what Azure DevOps can do to structure your team-oriented development process, improve your game and make life easier for you.


Name: Freddy Kristiansen

Company name: Microsoft

Job title: Technical Evangelist

Name: Eric Wauters

Company name: Cloud Ready Software GmbH

Job title: Partner