Town Hall: The Future of Business Central modern clients

Date: Tuesday, May 7, 2019| From: 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM | Room: Veranda E

The April 2019 release is the last to include the Windows client (RTC). Meet the Microsoft team working on the Business Central modern client experiences to discuss what comes next for web, mobile or otherwise. We would like to hear your thoughts about our priorities, discuss ideas and hear your feedback about working with Business Central modern clients so far. Help us shape the future of productivity across devices. Bring your burning questions about the transition away from the Windows client – this session is entirely Q&A


Name: Blazej Kotelko

Company name: Microsoft

Job title: Senior Program Manager

Bio: Blazej began gaining experience in the SMB ERP software as a Microsoft Gold Partner back home in Poland, but finally he joined Microsoft, moved to London in 2011 and worked on mobile, cloud, AI and search engines. Early 2018 he moved teams & countries again to work as a PM on Business Central client experiences in the Copenhagen office.

Name: Mike Borg-Cardona

Company name: Microsoft

Job title: Program Manager

Bio: With over a decade of experience in Dynamics business apps at Microsoft, Mike is on the Business Central R&D team and manages the different client UI experiences for Business Central.

Name: Horina Serbanescu

Company name: Microsoft

Job title: Principal Group Engineering Manager