Continuously Improving Business Central by Collaborating with Microsoft

Date: Wednesday, May 8, 2019| From: 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM | Room: Red Rock D

We’re keenly aware that one of the key differentiators for Dynamics 365 Business Central is the passion and engagement that our partner community has for the product. Business Central has never been so community driven. There are so many opportunities to make product better nowadays. Do you feel like a product manager and want to influence product team backlog? Learn how to use Business Central – Ideas to provide suggestions for new feature and capabilities. Your input goes directly to Business Central’s engineering backlog for investigation and prioritization. Vote if an idea already has been submitted to get it prioritized on the team’s backlog. If you are more of a DIY person, then you need to investigate our Github repositories. Open source is a great way for our partners to collaborate even more closely with us to continue to improve Business Central’s core processes and local requirements. We’re working to make the core application thinner, more extensible, and easier to localize by extracting more of our application business logic into add-on and localization apps. You don’t write code? Learn how you can improve our documentation and influence our localization backlog.


Name: Andrei Panko

Company name: Microsoft

Job title: Program manager

Name: Soren Alexandersen

Company name: Microsoft

Job title: Senior Program Manager

Bio: Søren Alexandersen is a program manager in the Business Central localization team and joined Microsoft in 2016 and has a long history of ERP and consultancy work from the partner ecosystem with NAV, AX and XAL. Søren is driving Dynamics 365 Business Central localization all up.

Name: Ivan Koletic

Company name: Microsoft

Job title: Program Manager

Bio: Program Manager at Microsoft since 2006, started working with NAVISION in 2001 first as finance consultant at partner company. Has worked since 2006 as a localization program manager within the localization team and has extensive knowledge of the local functionality in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. For last couple of years, he focused on helping making Business Central globally available to customers around the world, making NAV and Business Central respond to modern privacy (GDPR) requirements making and working on integration between NAV/Business Central and Dynamics 365 for Sales.

Name: Peter Christensen

Company name: Microsoft

Job title: Group Engineering Manager