Business Central Platform Fundamentals

Date: Monday, May 6, 2019| From: 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM | Room: Red Rock G

Want to get started on developing for Business Central? Then this session will jumpstart you on coding your first extension for Business Central. We’ll introduce you to Visual Studio Code, the Business Central basic concepts, and the AL programming language. You will learn how easy it is to code, run, and make changes incrementally to customize and extend the Business Central app for your needs, leveraging the concurrency, security, and scalability that is built in. We will demonstrate how Business Central app development covers both desktop, tablets, and phones in a common set of concepts, and how you can design and test these various form factors in a simple and visual way. Lastly, you will get an overview of integrating with Business Central programmatically, via APIs.


Name: Jacob Winther

Company name: Microsoft

Job title: Designer

Bio: Jacob Winther leads the User Experience (UX) design and research work that supports the Business Central engineering teams.

Name: Esben Nyhuus Kristoffersen

Company name: Microsoft

Job title: Principal Software Development Engineer