Successful Implementations A-Z

Date: Wednesday, May 8, 2019| From: 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM | Room: Veranda B

This session will cover the 4 critical steps of a software implementation; starting with a prospect knocking on your door with a problem to the successful "go live" of the solution. Those stages are: • Discovery • Assess • Engage • Manage. Our session will be valuable to any Sales Person, Project Manager, or Consultant that is involved in software implementations. Since the training material will not be software specific, the techniques can apply to virtually any software solution.



Company name: Mendelson Consulting

Job title: Chief Operating Officer

Bio: Keith is the Chief Operating Officer of Mendelson Consulting (established in 1992). The firm focuses on providing a solution-based approach, customized to each client's individual and specific needs. Keith is a Six Sigma Black Belt and has consulted with businesses of all sizes with process and workflow improvements. His strengths are (project management), data analysis and workflow improvements.