2C Processor (2CP): Increase Cash Flow and Reduce Costs using Payments Automation

Date: Tuesday, May 7, 2019| From: 4:30 PM to 5:00 PM | Room: Red Rock D

2CP for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and BC. 2C Processor (2CP is a registered payment processor and e-commerce provider, and a leader in payment systems, security and integration. Utilizing 2CP's proprietary PCI-DSS compliant payment gateway, multiple payment platforms, and acquiring bank relationships, 2CP seeks to meld these multiple network technologies into one streamlined process flow to decrease payment processing costs and increase operational efficiency. We have built our integration to free your accounting and finance employees from just being manual aggregators to a team that can now leverage the full capabilities of your ERP and its analytical and reporting capabilities. Choose one or more of robust integrations to streamline your Accounts Receivable processes. Virtual Terminal - Process manual payments and send out Email Invoices. Customer Portal - Customer views and pays invoice and updates payment information in a secure environment. Recurring Payments - Automatically charges cards on file on a preset schedule. Shopping Cart - Online ecommerce store for quick and easy quote to cash. Schedule a Demo with us by emailing our sales staff at sales@2cpusa.com or call us at (800) 977-3840.


Name: Kyle Waltz

Company name: 2C Processor

Bio: As Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at 2C Processor for almost 10 years and spending much of his career in the financial industry, Kyle Waltz is an instrumental thought leader behind 2CP's integration software and advance technology incubations . Overseeing an office of exceptionally talented software engineers while brainstorming the next generation ideas to take 2CP to the highest level attainable has been the forefront of his accomplishments . He is an avid speaker at Accounting conferences around the country, educating accounting professionals on how technology will affect the financial industry. Kyle holds a BS. Information Technology, University of Phoenix and is currently working on a double Masters Degree at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, MBA and Management Information Systems.