Data Courage: Data Science for Dynamics

Date: Tuesday, May 7, 2019| From: 2:30 PM to 3:00 PM | Room: Charleston A

Data is the new Gold ! Data Courage is going far beyond the Descriptive Analytics and enhances business users' view of their data. Join us to see the scenarios where we used our 15 years of experience, Industry Knowledge in combination with the New Technology Stack from Microsoft to enable business users' make Data Driven decissions. Digital Transformation of your Paper based processes. Let us surprise you! It's a completely new approach to how spreadsheets are used to effectively run business processes. It's a new way to work. Designed by Business for Business. No code needed. Quick and Easy way to manage your Employee Onboarding Processes, Holiday Requests Handling, IT and Infrastructure Management Process and many more…


Name: Kamil Karbowiak

Company name: Data Courage

Bio: For his entire career he's been devoted to data related issues on different levels. 15 years ago he started his career at a Pan-European Project PROTEUS where he was in charge of creating a data model for e-maintenance working with French and German companies such as Alstom, Cegelec and Schneider Electric. For the last decade he's been in charge of the distribution channel in EEU region for Jet Global. Now as a Managing Director of Data Courage with the team of Data Scientists he's going further into Prescriptive Analytics showing companies their next moves as the Business delivers Digital Transformation based on Microsoft Azure Stack.

Name: Bartek Doruch

Company name: Data Courage

Bio: Bartek spent the last 12 years building trusted relationships with business partners and customers. Previously managing Jet Reports CEE, now rebranded to Data Courage. He is helping partners to find new revenue streams around Modern Analytics. Trust, truth and honesty are the key values for him. Thanks to this Data Courage is successfully providing best-in-class professional services in the field of data reporting, business analytics and nowadays also data science and digital transformation. Giving opportunity to access unique insights like never before. Hobbies: skiing and more to come when on retirement. Bartek holds a master’s degree in Computer Science from Wrocław University of Science and Technology, studied also Financial Risk Management.