Using Model-Driven PowerApps with Business Central

Date: Sunday, May 5, 2019| From: 3:15 PM to 4:15 PM | Room: Red Rock A

Dynamics 365 Business Central and model-driven app in PowerApps? On the first sight, there is no so common things between these two solutions, especially because Business Central is not CDS based. But as model-driven apps are intended for making complex apps, it can be very useful if we could use it with Business Central. Model-driven app design is a component-focused approach to app development, where we have multiple layers and functions. With this in mind, we can make a lot of interesting connected and independent apps where Business Central can be one of the sources. In this lecture, I’ll show how you can make workaround and use Business Central data as a source for model-driven apps as well as to make model-driven apps in PowerApps based on Business Central model. At the end of this session, you will learn how you can utilize and get more out of Microsoft's Power Platform together with Business Central. This session will take you through the products and how to begin to incorporate them within your organization and customers.


Name: Aleksandar Totovic

Company name: Microsoft

Job title: Partner Technology Strategist - BusinessApps

Bio: Aleksandar Totovic was an MVP for Dynamics NAV the four years in a row and now he continues with his career in Microsoft, working on Dynamics partner’s readiness, especially on cloud transformation readiness as Partner Technology Strategist. He has experience in Dynamics and project management more than 15 years, working on many different projects in different countries and different cultures. Working with Dynamics NAV in the past, he made dozens of “How Do I” videos, NAV official video courses on DLP and he provided a lot of trainings for Dynamics partners all around the world. Joining to Microsoft, he expanded his knowledge with many other solutions and now he is trying to provide models of integrated Dynamics solutions. He is also frequent speaker on Microsoft global and regional conferences (Directions NA, Directions EMEA, eXtreme 365 EMEA, eXtreme 365 US, Dynamics Summit, NAV TechDays…).