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Mediterranean 4-5

Sunday, September 17, 12:45 PM - 3:00 PM
Directions Welcome!
Microsoft Keynote
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Monday, September 18, 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Featured Keynote: Becky Halstead, STEADFAST Leadership. Keynote: 24/7: The First Person You Must Lead is YOU
Microsoft Keynote
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Wednesday, September 20, 12:30 PM - 1:40 PM
Directions 2017 Excellence Awards
Microsoft Closing Remarks
Thank you from Directions

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Reports made easy
Speakers: Jan Sillemann & Michael Nielsen
Remember Directions last year, when we showed you how to convert a "classic" report in less than a minute?

We can still do that!

Since then, we have improved our ForNAV Designer with many new features to increase your productivity when working with reports in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Most recently, we have introduced a set of brand new reports, with improved code and several designs to choose from.

At Directions 2017, we are introducing our new solution for Dynamics 365. Don’t miss it! If you can recognize one or more of these challenges, you should definitely join our session:

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Deliver a complete eLearning platform inside Microsoft Dynamics in minutes.
Speaker: Michael Olsen
ClickLearn will automate writing your business critical walk-throughs, saving you 80% of the time you now spend creating them manually for Dynamics 365|NAV|AX|CRM and most of your other IT systems.

ClickLearn produces your walk-throughs in ight different formats from a single source, including written documentation, hands-on-labs, videos with automated effects and voice over, and the Virtual Assistant that guides the users within the live system.

Simply record your work process in Dynamics. With one click, ClickLearn produces your walk-throughs in all formats and all required languages. It creates a complete e-learning portal with full tracking and scoring, and upgrades your work instructions as you upgrade your Dynamics platform with no manual effort on your part.

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Power BI: How to Deliver what Customers Expect
Speaker: Anthony Bonaduce
Your customers think Power BI is easy. They expect it to be plug-and-play. They have been told that they will be instantly successful. But as most of us know, that’s hardly ever the case. As partners, your job is to help your customers’ expectations become their realities, but if you’ve struggled to create successful Power BI environments, you could be approaching it wrong. In this session, Jet Reports will show you how we are THE ANSWER to a successful Power BI deployment, satisfied customers, and a path to revenue by:

Come to this action pact session to learn how to make Power BI truly shine. As the leading source for reporting, analytics, and data management, Jet Reports is your answer to building a truly successful Power BI practice. In 15 years, we’ve helped over 700 partners, and 154,200 NAV users improve their businesses, and we can help you improve yours. Join us.

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Remaining Competitive in a Customer-Centric World
Speaker: Giuseppe Ianni
Micro revolutions in the technology space take place every 12-18 months. The need for digital transformation is clear; the ‘how’ often less so. But for Dynamics VARs and ISVs, Microsoft has given us an engine that can power all business operations: Dynamics 365. And Sana has leveraged that technology to architect a solution we can bring to market together, enabling our clients to leverage their ERP and optimize operations online.

Hear how Sana strategizes with our partners to win business and how our single-stack approach empowers our clients and Dynamics VARs alike.

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eOne Solutions
Speaker: Martin Olsen
Men’s Brains, Women’s Brains and ERP in 2017. Laugh with us as we explore the creation of the Microsoft ERP and how we all ended up in Florida for Directions 2017. We will explain that there is one surefire way for Microsoft ERP and CRM resellers to sell more deals and to make a bucket load of money in this rapidly changing environment. Integrate or Die. Hear why eOne is ‘the best’ ISV partner you will ever work with.

In the meantime, learn more at